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House in Waltham Cross

"We gave our house keys to Mr Karakurt in mid April 2014 to complete the house and when we received them back, we were very surprised. The house was a total change in every way. The wooden floor, the tiles and the kitchen extension with its glorious units was brilliantly fitted and cleaned. Mr Karakurt also completed all the planning permission we needed. We were only responsible for payments. My husband and I are very delighted with their hard work and now enjoy living in a beautiful house"
- Hatun Olkun and Ersin Kalan.

Kings Lynn

This commercial project was previously a café, bar and restaurant called Antonios. It was later changed to become a restaurant and bar called Cosmopolitan. This project was in the top 4 of the Kings Lynn council's best refurbished conservation buildings. Our company completed this project with perfection, resulting in a very happy customer whom was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the completion of the project.

Cosmopolitan Restaurant

"I am extremely happy with the end result of this project. When I first bought the place, the design was very crowded and had too much going on in one place, however Zeki Construction & Interior Design has definitely met and exceeded my expectations for this restaurant and bar."
– Mr Sarica, Owner of Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Bar.

Turkish Embassy London

All the plates and decorations on the walls were taken off and put back separately in the same format which required a lot of patience and specialism. As these kind of buildings are listed, there is only so much we can change as the council does not allow for many changes in conservative buildings.

West Gate Cafe and Restaurant

St Albans Fish Delicious

North Gate Cafe and Restaurant

Bungalow in Canterbury